Hi, I'm Aubree.

I love the internet and all the goodness it has brought to my life.

I have acquired new skills, cooked so many recipes, been inspired by artists, become healthier, made friends, been uplifted, joined communities, developed my style, taken classes, and had platform on which to share my own work and story all because of people who are willing to work hard and share their knowledge and wisdom. Seriously, what did we do without the Internet?

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I am a photographer and a hand lettering artist and I want to help online influencers continue to share their content so that we can all lift and teach each other. I have been both a photographer and a letterer since I was a child but have been shooting professionally since 2014 and seriously studying lettering since 2015.

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I am a wife to Spencer and mother to Valencia and we live in northern Utah. I taught middle school history and health for 9 years. I love TurboKick and have the goal of becoming a certified instructor. I'm thriving on a plant based diet. I love trying new arts and crafts (acrylic painting, water coloring, embroidery, paper quilling, and crocheting to name a few- weaving is next!). I love bright colors but orange is my favorite one. I've even painted walls and doors in my house this fun hue. I love reading. When I was a child my parents punished me by taking away my books. These days I almost prefer audiobooks so I can read and craft or exercise at the same time. I am a big advocate for self-improvement and I am constantly setting goals and working towards my best self.


When I was teaching health to 7th graders, one of the subjects in in the curriculum was about the dangers of the inappropriate use of technology. This is such an important topic but it was one that the students were hearing over and over again and they were getting tired of it so I added something else to my lessons. I taught the students about the concept of a digital footprint. Everyone who is online leaves "footprints"- is yours going to be positive or negative? The assignment that accompanied the lesson was for the students to create something they could potentially put online (and some did!) that would contribute positively to the online community and such as tutorials, service projects, articles, etc. I really do believe that we have been blessed with technology to be able to serve, lift, learn, inspire, create, and all manner of good things and I am here to do my part!