What types of photo session do you offer?

Almost any kind of portraits: engagement, bridal, high school senior, high school dance, family, children, baptism, missionary, or hobbies (fishing, horseback riding, yoga, shooting etc.)

Do you have a unique idea for a portrait session? Please contact me!

When will I get my photos back?

You will receive your edited photos in less than 10 business days. Follow me on Facebook to see possible sneak peaks!

How will I get my photos?

I will email you a link to the website where you can download your photos by clicking the download button in the upper right corner. The photos will stay online for 14 days after the email is sent. After this two week period is over, you are responsible for keeping and backing up your photos.

Can I have the unedited photos?

No, I do not give out the original files.

What should I wear?

Consider the location of the photos and the look you want to achieve. If you are going to hang the photos in your house, you may want outfits that coordinate with your home decor. I suggest that each person wear something that reflects their own personality. I think this is more important than everyone matching perfectly. I've put together a Pinterest board for you where I have gathered the best tips and ideas from all over the Internet to help you choose your outfits. Check it out!

Where should I have my photos taken?

Click here to see my full list of location ideas.