Zoee and Eric Engagement Photos

Last week I traveled up to Albion Basin up in Little Cottonwood Canyon to photograph Zoee and Eric who are engaged and planning a wedding. I had never been up there before and oh my, was it gorgeous! The drive up was fantastic with all the fall colors and at the top it was green and full of pine trees. We stopped and took photos along the way as we hiked up. It was a lot of fun and I must say that I think Zoee and Eric are perfect for each other! They are so cute. The most exciting part of this, for me anyway, is that we saw a moose! I'm sure a lot of people have seen moose in the wild before, but I never had so I was thrilled. It was a little scary because another guy up there said he had seen two of the fighting but we were right by the cars so we would have been fine. Anyway, congratulations Zoee and Eric on your marriage!