Hi! I'm Aubree. I am a Utah based photographer serving the Utah and Salt Lake County areas.

I have loved photography for as long as I remember. I was given my first camera for Christmas when I was about 11 years old and consistently have documented my life since. I have a passion for memory keeping- I believe that looking back at photos not only helps us to recall fond memories, but helps us see our blessings. When you look through a memory book or see photos in frames around your home, you can't help but be grateful for your family, friends, and life experiences. This is especially important during hard times. We can also use photos to track growth and progress- yes, physical growth (kids grow up so quickly!) but also our own personal growth. When I look back at a photo, I can remember who I was at the time and how I have changed to be a better person since then. I want to help you capture your blessings so you can cherish them.

Studying photography is really important to me. Almost every day I am listening to a podcast, reading an article, watching a video, reading a book, or even attending a workshop to learn more. I am a strong believer in lifelong learning and I dedicate a lot of time in particular to improving my photography and learning new techniques to give you a great experience when you work with me.